Measuring PPB Dissolved Oxygen in Boiler Water

The most reliable ppb D.O. test is also the simplest. CHEMetrics’ ppb D.O. visual test is ASTM’s primary reference standard for detecting dissolved oxygen in water with sensitivity down to 2 ppb, no false negatives and no instrument calibration. Each low range D.O. kit includes a special sampling tube that allows the user to break the tip of the ampoule in a flowing sample stream in order to preclude error from contamination by atmospheric oxygen. Place Order


Visual Kits

Range MDL Method Kit
0-20 ppb 2 ppb Rhodazine D K-7511 R-7511
0-40 ppb 2.5 ppb Rhodazine D K-7540 R-7540
0-100 ppb 5 ppb Rhodazine D K-7599 R-7540
5-180 ppb 5 ppb Rhodazine D K-7518 R-7518
0-1 ppm 0.025 ppm Rhodazine D K-7501 R-7501
1-12 ppm 1 ppm Indigo Carmine K-7512 R-7512

Instrumental Kits

Range Method Kit
0-1.000 ppm Rhodazine D K-7553
0-2.00 ppm Indigo Carmine K-7503
0-15.0 ppm Indigo Carmine K-7513
0-15.0 ppm Indigo Carmine I-2002

Technical Data Sheet Tests are available for over 45 different parameters in either visual or instrumental formats!